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SeerSuite is an application toolkit for digital libraries and search engines; i.e., CiteSeerx

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Get started by downloading a copy of the code. Documentation for installation, is provided in the doc directory. Please direct questions regarding the code and how to get it working, to the Technical Director.

Update: SeerSuite have moved to GitHub, make sure you clone the latest code from there.

Download Latest Code from GitHub

SeerSuite offers a rich set of features:

— Autonomous Citation Indexing (ACI),
— Citation statistics,
— Reference linking,
— Citation context,
— Awareness and tracking,
— Related documents,
— Full-text indexing,
— Query-sensitive summaries,
— Up-to-date,
— Powerful search,
— Harvesting of articles,
— Metadata of articles,
— Personal Content Portal.

Prof. C. Lee Giles

PI and Project Director

Prof. Giles created CiteSeer in 1997 with Steve Lawrence and Kurt Bollacker while they were at the NEC Research Institute (now NEC Labs) in Princeton, New Jersey, USA. Now at Penn State, Dr. Giles continues to lead SeerSuite into the Next Generation.


Checking out a copy

svn co citeseerx

Architecture discussion

—SeerSuite: Developing a scalable and reliable application framework for building digital libraries by crawling the web. PDF @USENIX

Pradeep B. Teregowda

Technical Director

Pradeep currently leads the technical aspects of the CiteSeerx development process.

Associated Projects @Sourceforge

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— TableSeer Project Page


Source code released under Apache Software Foundation License version 2.0 found here. Please review license(s) attached to the components, individually.